Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No time to bake or blog

Today was the first time I baked in a week. Can you believe it?! I sure can't. But I did bake a few things more than a week ago.
Right now I'm in between finals — I took one on Monday and I have one on Thursday. Monday was Contemporary Feminist Political Theory (eek!) and Thursday is my computer class. I keep forgetting I have to take this test and study for it. But, after it's over, I'm done with college. Done! And I'm so excited. Not to say that KU hasn't been a blast, because it has. I've had a great time on the Kansan too. But it's definitely time to move on. I'd say nine semesters in that newsroom were enough. It's given me some of my best friends, which I'm incredibly grateful for. What's funny is that working will actually be a break for me, a lot fewer responsibilities than I've had in the past. I looked on my calendar the other day and saw a day with nothing at all! It looks like a wonderful thing.
The past few weeks have been completely nuts with school and work and stuff. My project ran, like I said last time I wrote. I also took a test, wrote a paper and sent a yearbook that week. The paper was for that feminism class, and let me tell you, watching "Dexter" through the lens of feminist theory is pretty interesting. The yearbook took a lot of effort to put together, but I finally finished it with Drew's help, and now it's out! It's so strange to see something you put together on glossy paper and full color — it looks SO much better like that. I thought I'd have time after all this stuff, but then I had to write a paper for another class about my ideal society ideology-wise. I wrote about Salina...again an interesting exercise, especially when I haven't lived there for four years. Then there was reading for this feminism final, and on top of all that, working! Two of my good college friends got married this weekend, too, which brought a lot of friends I hadn't seen in a very long time to Lawrence. It was awesome to see them all, but I wish it happened more often. Seems like weddings are the key to getting everyone to town :)
This weekend is graduation weekend, so right now I'm in a frenzy trying to clean. There's a bunch of ceremonies to go to, but it will be great seeing my family. Mom gets in later tonight, so I'm preparing an ice cream cake for her. More on that next time, though, since it's not done.
A couple weeks ago, I was definitely in a peanut butter kind of mood. I made monster cookies for one, and took them by both the Kansan newsroom and the LJ one. I love this recipe, which I think is from Paula Deen, but I always leave the raisins out. Ick. Then AC and Rummans came to town, and they wanted me to make dessert before I went to work. Rummans picked out these peanut butter brownies with chocolate ganache topping. It's one of the tastiest (and richest) desserts ever. Part of that could be because I always make twice the amount of ganache, but I just don't think one amount of it is enough. Last time I made these for the Kansan newsroom, and they were a hit. This time I brought them to the LJ, and people seemed to like them again. I will definitely keep them in my rotation :) So I was keeping some of these to take pictures, and Drew threw them away. Blame Drew for lack of art ;)
Then I felt like making cupcakes for my last day of depth reporting class. I made my favorite yellow cake recipe (plus sprinkles to make funfetti) from Smitten Kitchen, but I've never made it in cupcake-form before. It made an awesome birthday cake for Drew, but it definitely makes more than 24 cupcakes. If I had to guess, it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 36 or more. But I thought they looked pretty cute when I was done. And they were all gone.
Like I said, I baked the beginnings of an ice cream cake today. I also have cupcakes for graduation. Beyond that, I'm not sure. Definitely have a cheesecake on the list of things to make. But I'm pretty sure being graduated will mean a lot more baking.


  1. Please share with the office.

  2. Don't worry, I'm part of that baking day for Relay for Life. I plan on baking quite a bit for it!


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