Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zombies and another birthday

First things first, there's another birthday to be celebrated. As of October 9, this blog is a year old. I can't believe it! I feel like I only recently started really thinking about it regularly. Strange to know that...especially because I started this as sort of a whim, as an I-should-start-a-blog-because-I'm-a-journalist thing. Luckily, I've moved past that and now it sort of gives me goals, which, if you know me, you know I definitely need now that I don't have school.

It's been a really tough week. More specifically, a tough day at work. I know people complain regularly about how journalism is all grim and dreary and all bad news. I'm not one who subscribes to that line of thought, and I like reading and writing the good and the bad. But the other night, I got my first real taste of how depressing the world can be. In one shift, I had a triple-fatality accident and a shooting. On top of all that, I was pretty darn tired. The accident was especially tough to deal with because it reminded me of my own high school friend who died last year in a car accident. A dear friend of mine knew the family from the other day, and it tore me up knowing how it was affecting her. Listening to the scanner can bring up some pretty depressing stuff sometimes too. Needless to say, yesterday I got out of bed and went shopping and to dinner with a friend at work. Last night was my Friday, and today I get to do a day of baking with my aunt. So that will make it all better! It hit me yesterday how quickly the world changes, and sometimes I have to be there to cover it. But the coverage is important too, I think. I'll spare you the thinking behind that.

This silly Kansas weather has yet to decide if it's fall yet. Last week the temperature got up into the 80s and almost hit 90 — in October! I'm waiting for the week when it goes from 70 one day to 30 the next. That's about par for the course here. Nonetheless, most of my desserts will be Halloween- or fall-themed for a while, because I'm a sucker for that sort of thing. The other day I just craved some Brenna Brownies, so I made them (they were so aptly named this by the Kansan staff). I love how easy they are. I didn't even share them, except with Kelly. Sometimes I think it's okay to be selfish :)

A few days ago, there was a zombie walk downtown. Yup, about 300 people fully decked out in blood and gore and lots of makeup staggered down Mass. The eccentricities of this town are always interesting. Anyway, I had blood splatter wrappers and little bone sprinkles, so I thought zombie cupcakes would be a good idea. A quick yellow cake with red sprinkles mixed in (you know, more blood) and a basic buttercream with a red streak and I was set! My stupid carrier let them all fall over in the car (which sort of defeats its purpose!), but if there are any cupcakes that can be less than perfect, I think zombies fall into that category.

Then came the sour cream chocolate bundt cake. I've had this on my list for a while now, and I'm totally glad I made it. It was super moist and just a little powdered sugar on top was the perfect addition. I'm not a chocolate person by nature, but this was definitely good. When I brought it to work, I needed to bring a gallon of milk with it I think.

So now it's the weekend. My goals are to bake some awesome treats with my aunt, go out with some friends, and take my new pretty camera out to get some shots of the trees changing. There are some really pretty reddish orange trees right now, and I don't want to miss them. Because right now, all I've got on my camera are food photos and cat photos like that one. I think I need some more subject material!

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  1. Love the Zombie Cupcakes! Perfect for Halloween!
    Thanks for sharing on Cupcake Tuesday!


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