Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A very special birthday preparation

Alright. So this isn't a post about stuff I've baked. Instead, it's about stuff I'm going to bake. I'm pretty excited for it. That cupcake liner and wrapper above here? I'm using those, plus (maybe?) my fist time with fondant on a cake in the next couple weeks. What for, you ask?

That pretty lady. That happens to be my grandma, a few years ago, mind you. In less than a week, she turns 90. I can't believe that she's hitting that birthday, but I'm hoping she still has many more. She's lived through Dust Bowl Kansas, WWII, a 50+ year marriage, three children and many years of life.

She's been the best grandma anyone could ask for, and has been there for me through some pretty rough times in my life. She's done the same for many other family members. So for her, for her birthday, we're getting together for a surprise party. Luckily, my grandma doesn't have internet, so I'm in no danger of her stumbling across this blog post online.

My family will be gathering at the Brookville Hotel, which is where she and my grandpa had their 50th wedding anniversary, although it's now in Abilene. I'm sad Grandpa can't be there too. Many of my dad's cousins will be there, and my cousins, and my uncle, and everyone who loves Grandma most. I'm going to make cupcakes and a cake, hopefully an elegant one. I haven't picked out flavors yet, but I'm thinking classic yellow and chocolate cakes. I might have to do a couple test runs. It's the least I can do for a gift!

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