Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring has sprung! Raspberry crumble bars, spring bridal shower cupcakes and fortune cookies

It's been a year since I graduated college. It seems like so long ago Liz, Taylor and I were hanging out at his house with our families, celebrating four years, much of that time on the Kansan together. All parts of my family came together, a fairly rare occasion. Mostly, though, I was ready to be out of school. I do miss my college friends who have moved away, and the way the Kansan never failed to provide a few friends willing to go out to Louise's on a Thursday night for schooners. But that leaves room for wonderful reunions, whether they be in New York City with Mary, at the Sandbar with Erin and Jodi or during a baby shower at my house. I can't say I miss college, though. I might miss the occasional LNOP shenanigans, but the friends I made in college are still here, with none of the homework! I enjoy getting to go home and watch TV, bake, go to the gym, read or just be plain ol' lazy. So happy graduation, all, and enjoy the free time when you don't have to read a textbook by Judith Butler (circa my final poly sci class, Contemporary Feminist Political Theory).

The fortunes in these cookies come from people who could perhaps use a little extra schooling. I'm sure everyone has heard of Shit My Students Write, but just in case you haven't, go check it out. I've wanted to try fortune cookies for a while, but they're a bit intimidating. After all, you are taking a cookie right out of the oven and forming it with your bare hands. But they turned out tasty after a little trial-and-error. And they were nice reminders of what not to write in a high school term paper.

Between jobs, I had some time off to do nothing...which is pretty much what I did. I spent some time with Grandma, and then came back and baked with Aunt Betty. I'm excited that fruit is starting to come into season, especially berries. These raspberry crumble bars were a yummy way to taste summer. Pretty sure I could have just eaten the streusel by itself as dessert.

And in a final springy-summery dessert, I made these cupcakes for a bridal shower. I was to make vanilla cupcakes and key lime pie cupcakes, and the theme was spring, so these fit perfectly. I love how the wrappers look like petals, and I used a fondant cutter to make the flowers for the top. It was my first time with that thing, so I had to practice a bit, but I think they turned out well. I'd forgotten how much I love those key lime pie cupcakes...will have to make those again when it starts getting really hot! (Adding these to Hoosier Homemade's Cupcake Tuesday!)

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  1. I was honestly just sitting here thinking about how good something key lime flavored sounded, then I saw your cupcakes. It was meant to be - I guess I better get up and make these - ha ha! Your fondant flowers look perfect.


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