Sunday, March 7, 2010

Follow the rainbow cake to Fake Patty's Day

One week from spring break. That's about all I can think of. That, and the mountain of work I have to do before graduation. Ugh. Also, I couldn't resist the cute kitty picture.

It's been a busy week. My contemporary feminist political theory (say that three times fast!) test ate my soul. That was so much studying for only four questions! It's time to take a break from Judith Butler, intersectionality, social construction feminism, the mobius strip and all that stuff for a while.

My whole week disappeared into that test, but there was one really excellent part: the KU-K-State game. I probably should have spent that time studying, but it was so worth it. And I wasn't going to miss my final home game as a KU student. It was amazing! It was the loudest I had ever heard it; I think we got up t 109 decibels. And it was Sherron's last night. The most winningest player in KU basketball history. He was crying coming out onto the court, and I'm pretty sure I teared up. It was sad, but it was also the realization that my college career is soon over as well. Scary. The referees were terrible, but ultimately, we won. And there was some K-State guy in the student section a few rows in front of me. He got hit with balls of newspaper for the entire game. I almost felt sorry for him. Almost. He should have known better than to sit in the KU student section in a purple shirt.

I got to do a little baking this week. I made some yummy chocolate cookies and saved a bag to take to my depth reporting class (see: the picture includes Elliot's hand). Naturally, I modified the recipe to include more chocolate. I had to put in the Easter M&Ms. I'm not really even into the holiday itself, but it's so fun to cook with holiday ingredients! I made a double recipe, and I highly recommend these cookies for chocolate lovers. I don't like chocolate that much and I liked them.

After taking my test, I kind of just sat comatose for the rest of that day. Friday, Kelly and I decided to finally try the rainbow cake. I used Smitten Kitchen's yellow cake recipe, the same one I used for Drew's birthday cake. Then Kelly and I split the batter into six equal amounts and mixed in Wilton's icing color dye. Kelly managed to turn a couple fingers blue in the process — she's a smurf. Apparently this type of dye is better than using normal food coloring because it's a gel and more concentrated than the liquid stuff. And those were some super bright colors! Then we layered the batter into cake pans. It's a little hard to layer three semi-liquid items too. We put purple on the bottom of one, then blue, then green. In the other we did yellow-orange-red. I'm not sure if I would do it that way or reverse them (starting with red and green) because the cakes rise and you end up cutting off a lot of one color. Anyway, we made regular buttercream icing (this recipe was *just* enough, so I'd consider making a bit more, maybe 1 1/2 of the recipe). Sprinkles on top, and we had an awesomely colored cake. It's tasty, too!

I ate this cake for breakfast (so healthy, I know!) after coming home today from a trip to Manhattan for Fake Patty's Day with Liz and Sonya. We stayed with Keane, and Rummans and Billy were there too. It was a really fun time, although some of the people we saw were unreasonably drunk. I guess that's the point. I ran into a lot of friends and a lot of people I hadn't seen in forever, even some friends from middle school. Weird.

So now I have one more test, this time in political theory. I'll need some baking ideas for this week because I'm starting to run out of energy. I've switched from study mode to pick-out-what-restaurants-I-want-to-go-to-in-Vegas mode. I have to study at least a little bit before I get in full-on spring break mode! And I have to bake a bit more too.

One last thing: This video makes me giggle. Guess what kind of animal it features ;)

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  1. I have always wanted to make on of those rainbow cakes!! Yours looks yummy!


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