Thursday, March 11, 2010

The most involved cupcakes I've made yet (plus better than Cheez-it crackers!)

So it's spring break! Eeeeeeeee!!! So happy!!!

Okay. Excitement over. Not really, but on Sunday I leave for Vegas. Can't wait! I'm excited most about two things: Cirque du Soleil's "Love" and the amazing food we're going to eat. Well, and going with Liz and Alex. And seeing Case and Traci. And going out. And seeing all the sports book people show up Wednesday for the NCAA Tournament. And not worrying about stuff going on here!

It was a tough week, but I strategically placed some baking time in there to de-stress myself (translation: avoid studying). First, I tried baking these Parmesan crackers. I've never made crackers before, but these were super easy to make. Getting them thin was another story, but whatever. They were still tasty. You basically just throw flour, salt, butter and freshly grated Parmesan cheese (mmmmmmm) into a food processor, add half-and-half and you have dough. Then comes the rolling it out part. Like SmittenKitchen says, you have to go waaaay thinner than 1/2 inch like the regular recipe calls for. I tried as thin as I could, but even after poking holes in the crackers with a fork, some still puffed up. Oh well. They were really yummy snacks!! I'm usually not a cheese cracker fan, but Parmesan makes everything better. Can you tell that I like Parmesan?

Tuesday night I had to study for a test. It was one of those tests that's in a lower-level class but the teacher wants you to know everything about the topic plus how to change your car's tire while it's moving. As in, ridiculous amounts for something that's not worth it. Tuesday's my long day of classes too. So naturally, I get home and both of my food magazines are here: Food Network Magazine (my absolute favorite and you should totally go subscribe) and Martha Stewart Living. I read those. Then I decide to make brownies. Both things that help me accomplish my studying. But Easter candies are out and I had to make Easter M&Ms/Easter sprinkles brownies, right? Well that's what I was telling myself.

So this test was yucky. It did have a feminist question, though, so I owned that, courtesy of my yucky test last week. Something totally new and different happened to me, though, while studying for it. I was going strong, and then got tired at 1 a.m. Anyone who knows me knows that I stay up late...always. But this semester I've had to get up early for class or work every day and don't really have any sleep-in days, which I guess has thrown me off of that ability. So I went to bed at 1 a.m. the night before my test. SO weird. Even weirder, I got up at 6:45 to study again. Yeah. I don't do early mornings. But I did, and I took it. Maybe that means I'm getting older. Hmph.

Thursday night was my last school commitment of the week. I had to turn in computer class homework, but I wanted to do some cupcake-ing before I did. So I used the marsala I got when I was with Mom and tried these tiramisu cupcakes (the first photo is courtesy of Tanner Grubbs, again). They are quite yummy, but look closely at the directions if you want to make them. They're super involved: you heat up milk and vanilla bean pods and then let it cool and strain it, sift together dry ingredients and in the meantime beat together lots of eggs and sugar. Then you have to whisk that over simmering water, and beat that again till it's light, and then combine the dry ingredients in, and put some of that in your milk mixture and then put it back in the's a lot. Then you have a coffee-marsala-sugar syrup you brush over the top and marscapone frosting. Tasty but not easy.

And now it's break! And I got to sleep in today for the first time in...I don't know how long. I'm so happy about that. I also just bought a book to read for pleasure rather than school. It's such a foreign concept! I should probably do homework too, but whatever. Kitty is going to be mad at me for leaving him, but he's got good people to take care of him. And with that, a final thought, courtesy of "Ace of Cakes."

"Dogs have owners, cats have staff." — Mary Alice

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