Tuesday, March 15, 2011

100 cupcakes later...

So this is what 100 cupcakes looks like. Well, 102, but who's counting? These are shark attack cupcakes, which I made for KZoo's shark week on campus.

I'd made shark attack cupcakes once before, when Erin and Jodi came to town. What is a shark attack, you ask? It's a berry-lemonadey drink from the Sandbar, which includes some grenadine in a plastic shark to mimic blood in a shark attack.

So these cupcakes are a lemon cake that is then brushed with a wildberry drink mixer (nonalcoholic of course!) topped with a grenadine swiss meringue buttercream.

I've never made this many cupcakes at once before, and lemme tell ya, it was hard to rotate them through my kitchen. Thank goodness Kelly was there to help! They used a LOT of egg whites, which left all these yolks. I'm thinking some sort of custard to use them up. I also felt like I had a thin layer of sugar all over me when I finished.

So here are the cupcakes, being sold on campus (thanks Debbie for the picture!). Debbie, from the Sandbar, wrote about the cupcakes on the Sandbar's blog too. I was so happy to do these!


  1. Way to go on the mass production - they look amazing!!

  2. WOW. 102 cupcakes ... I never go beyond 24 at a time! They look absolutely lovely.


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