Monday, October 3, 2011

24th birthday celebration

Sunday was my 24th birthday, but I celebrated it (for the most part) on Saturday. It was an incredibly long day, but filled with great time with family and my wonderful friends.

During the day, Dad, Cathie and I went to the homecoming game at KU, and Kelly joined us there. Both my mom and dad went to KU (and both returned for graduate degrees), and I went to preschool on campus and grew up in Lawrence. KU is pretty much in my blood. My dad played in the homecoming band this weekend and had a blast (he plays sousaphone). We played — and lost to —Texas Tech, but it was a great day for football!

They even had a couple people parachute into the stadium! Very cool.

After the game was a cookout at my friends Joe and Brianne's house, full of burgers and kebabs. I had to make myself a birthday cake, which might be cheating, but I knew what I wanted: red velvet cake. I used a new recipe from my new Bobby Flay cookbook for the cake, then a classic cream cheese frosting. It was awesome and totally decadent, and I got to share it with some of my favorite people in the whole world.

And on my actual birthday, yesterday, my great server at Yard House gave me this: peach apple cobbler with caramel ice cream. Well, technically, I ordered it, but she put in the candle and the birthday part. So nice!

Thank you to my family and wonderful friends who made this birthday great!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Your cake looks terrific and it sounds like you enjoyed making it for yourself - I bet it made sharing it more special than buying one. And it looks you had a great day. I think that is so cool that your dad played in the band!


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