Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween 4: Candy corn cupcakes

First off, I missed an anniversary a few weeks ago. Two years ago on October 8, I wrote an entry about snickerdoodles (which, incidentally, are not even in my top five favorite cookies). Thus started Ingredients of a 20something, which has now been going for two years and has (including this one) 121 posts. So happy belated birthday to this blog, which sometimes saves me from going insane with boredom in the absence of school, challenges me to new things and lets me keep up my writing in a non-journalistic style.

I knew I wanted to make candy corn cupcakes as soon as I saw Halloween cupcakes popping up around the internet. They're simple: my favorite yellow cake with some Halloween sprinkles mixed into the batter (which made them kind of orange) and then Swiss meringue buttercream piped in three different colors on top. Simple, but so, so good.

And for today's costume, I cheat a little bit. This wasn't technically for Halloween, but rather for a dance routine. We danced to "Walk Like an Egyptian" for my jazz routine that year. Nice and sparkly! 


  1. Congrats on two years! Fabulous!
    Also - beautifully decorated cupcakes. I need to resource me some candy corn, STAT! ~Megan

  2. Love the swirls! Such great cupcakes!
    Thanks for adding them to Cupcake Tuesday!

  3. OMgosh, these do look so pretty. I am going to make them next year instead of the candy corn cupcakes I made here:

    Where did you get the wrappers? They are perfect! And did you put them on after they were baked? (I pinned these too on pinterest!)


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